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While others may extol a lot of hyperbole of how they are responsible for the success of client campaigns, or the glories of their design work, Manifesto 1 prefers to calmly listen to the needs of ours clients and working with them to build the brand they want.

From logo design, packaging, website development or custom illustrations, Manifesto 1 can help you in achieving a cohesive brand and image. Our work has helped launch small firms in local markets and has graced the covers of a national publication.

Over the past 20 years, we've grown our clients' business ideas, identities and philosophies into intimate partnerships. We listen to our clients' thoughts and perspectives because their statement cannot be put into visual form without their input and persona - some firms like to make stuff up, we require truth.

We evolve our clients' ideal into a visual identity, websites and marketing materials to support their goals for success. Manifesto 1 fulfills our clients' business statement, adopts their direction and promotes their attitude without the extra frills or fluff.

We listen. We design. We make a statement. If you want frills, we can give them, but why pay more for simple elegant brilliance?

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